An award winning solution to streamline the healthcare revenue cycle

Real Time Access

24 X 7 access to THELMA for all stakeholders anytime, anywhere.

Electronic Claims

Eliminate tedious paper claims and improve cash flow. Our Medicare ECLIPSE vendor certified THELMA platform interfaces to all major Vendor Systems and provides cost effective electronic claiming.

Audit Trail & Support

THELMA makes claims tracking quick and efficient with full audit trail on all claims. Our friendly helpdesk staff are on call to help with claim, Medicare and health fund issues.

It Just Works

THELMA is well known in the healthcare industry has been processing electronic claims since 2006. Our tried and tested solution provides long term, stable connectivity to ECLIPSE, no additional IT build costs for providers, and the ability to connect to legacy PAS/PMS and billing systems

How THELMA works at a Healthcare Provider

Patient Admission
  • Patient arrives at hospital
  • Admissions staff verify patient details
  • Admissions staff perform real time THELMA eligibility check to the Health Insurance Funds/HMO
Claims Submission
  • Invoices raised in hospital billing system
  • THELMA validates uploaded claims
  • THELMA patient verification with Medicare and Health Insurance Funds/HMO
  • Claims submitted online to Medicare ECLIPSE
Claims Assessment
  • Claims assessed by Medicare & Health Insurance Funds/HMO
  • Statement of Benefit (SOB) report returned in 24-48 hours
  • Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) report returned up to 7 days later
Payment & Reconciliation
  • Payment received from Health Insurance Funds/HMO into hospital bank account
  • Hospital accounts staff perform account reconciliation